Email Sales Sequence for
Timed Launches Template

Writing emails is already hard. But writing a well-planned email sequence for a timed launch that also actually sells?! 

 Actually, that's pretty easy when you snag the Email Sales Sequence for Timed Launches Template!  

 (dare you to say that five times fast)

    ⚡ You're pre-selling a new offer with a planned price increase

    ⚡ You've got an open-and-shut enrollment period on the horizon

    ⚡ Hiring a copywriter is out of your budget for now
    ⚡ Strategic video walkthrough

    ⚡ Skeleton & Mad Libs template versions

    ⚡ Example copy written with the template

    ⚡ My best tips, tricks, & ideas to guide you
    1. Purchase your conversion copy template

    2. Get instant access to the goods

    3. Watch the strategy video

    4. Craft compelling copy with the template to guide you!

With every template, you get:

Skeleton & Mad Libs versions of the template included, along with example swipe copy to kickstart your creative process

Detailed explanation of how to use your template & infuse it with your unique flair (so your copy doesn't sound templated!)

Secure, encrypted checkout that gives you instant access your template & video tutorial

Hi, I'm Jaimie! 

Aka your resident research nerd, strategist, & copy co-pilot. 

Since starting my copywriting business in 2018, I’ve helped dozens of online entrepreneurs like you connect with their perfect-fit clients through their

sales copy. 

Now, I'm excited to offer connection-focused copy templates that are packed with strategy, tips, examples, & structure. My ultimate goal? To help you write copy that's unique to YOUR voice, offers, & business without ever sounding templated.

Here's what people love about JLC templates:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's included with the template?
    Each JLC template comes with a strategic video walkthrough tutorial, both a skeleton & mad libs version of the template, example copy written based on the template's structure, & all of my best tips/tricks/ideas to guide you.
  • What's the difference between the included skeleton and mad libs templates?
    The skeleton template is to give you an overall structure for the copy you're wanting to write. The mad libs template is a bit more fill-in-the-blank! You'll also get example copy written based on your purchased template, which often shows a few creative ways to apply the structure of the template without relying on the exact mad libs version. Basically, you get the best of both worlds!
  • Shouldn't I just hire a copywriter instead?
    You totally could! However, I encourage all of my clients to learn to write their own copy before ever hiring a copywriter. Learning to do it yourself means you'll be better equipped to recognize copy that works for your offers when you are able to work with a copywriter. Plus, writing your own copy is an awesome way to practice articulating all of the goodness you're offering the world, too.
  • I have another question that you haven't answered here.
    No problem! Send me a message in the orange chat box on this page, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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